Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra

Rocket Launcher

Image: M260 rocket launcher

M260 70mm (2.75 Inch) ROCKET LAUNCHER

The M260 Light Weight Launcher is mounted to the ejector rack on either side of the AH-1F helicopter. The launcher consists of a Firing Connector which provides electrical power from aircraft to launcher, a Fuzing Connector which provides fuzing capabilities for accurate delivery of ordnance, Suspension Lugs which mount the rocket launcher to the pylon, Rocket Tubes to hold rockets in the launcher for transport and firing, Igniter Arms which provide electrical contact points for ignition of rockets, Skin which holds the tubes together in the launcher, and Umbilical Connectors that connect the remote fuzing Hydra 70 Rockets to the launcher. The M260 is reusable, but not repairable.

Empty weight........35.2lbs

Drawing: M260 schematic

SUSPENSION LUGS: Attach launcher to aircraft for transport.

FIRING CONNECTOR: Connects electrical power from aircraft to launcher.

FUZING CONNECTOR: Allows fuzing capabilities for more accurate delivery of ordnance.

SKIN: Holds rocket tubs together in launcher.

ROCKET TUBES: Hold rockets in launcher for transport and firing.
Drawing: Single rocket tube

UMBILICAL CONNECTORS: Allows remote fuzing rockets to connect to launcher.
Drawing: Umbilical connector for the rockets

IGNITER ARMS: Electrical contact points for ignition of rockets.
Drawing: Igniter arm

Image: M261 Rocket pod

M261 70mm (2.75 Inch) ROCKET LAUNCHER

M261 Light Weight Launcher is a 19-tube 2.75 inch rocket launcher used on the AH-1F Cobra. The M261 is reusable, but not repairable.
Empty weight........82lbs

Image: M21 Armament Subsystem


M158/M158A1 Rocket Launcher.

The M158 is a seven-tube 2.75 inch rocket launcher. The M158 was used on the UH-1 series "Huey" and the AH-1G "Huey" Cobra

Image: M200 Rocket pod with rockets


M200/M200A1 Rocket Launcher

The M200 is a 19-tube 2.75 inch rocket launcher used on the UH-1C/M "Huey", and the AH-1G "Huey" Cobra. The M200 was reusable and repairable.

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