Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra

7.62 (.308) Ammunition

Image: 7.62 ammo

7.62 - Millimeter: The 7.62-mm ammunition is percussion-primed; chamber pressure is 50,000 psi for both the ball and the tracer. Projectile weight varies from 142 grains (.32 ounces) for the tracer to 150 grains (.34 ounces) for the ball. Muzzle velocity averages 2,750 feet per second.


Drawing: M80 or M59 ball ammunition

Ball (M80 or M59): The M80 or M59 ball is intended for use against personnel and unarmored targets.

Drawing: M80 tracer ammunition

Tracer (M62): The M62 tracer permits visible observation of the projectile's path to the point of tracer composition burnout or trajectory to the point of impact. It is also used for incendiary effect and signaling. Tracer burnout occurs at approximately 900 to 950 meters.

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