Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra

Drawing: B-1 Bomber


Bomber Aircraft

This chapter includes bomber aircraft of several countries. Modern bomber aircraft can fly at low altitudes for very long distances. Armament for these lethal machines has been modernized to include air-launched cruise missiles and short-range attack missiles, in addition to a huge assortment of nuclear and nonnuclear munitions.

When these type aircraft fly at their low altitudes, observers will be able to detect and recognize them. For each aircraft, there are line drawings, general data, WEFT descriptions, user countries, photographs, and aircraft manufacturer information. Line drawings are not to scale. The following illustration shows bomber aircraft WEFT description features.

Drawing: WEFT Description Features

Chapter 7 Aircraft List

B-1B Lancer Il-28 Beagle Tu-26 Backfire
B-2 Tu-16 Badger Tu-95 Bear
B-52 Stratofortress Tu-22 Blinder Tu-160 Blackjack

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