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AAI AAI Corporation
AAM air-to-air missile
AEW airborne early warning
AGM air-to-ground missile
aileron aircraft roll control
ALCM air-launched cruise missile
altitude height above sea level
ART-V aircraft recognition training-visual 35-millimeter slide kit
ASM air-to-surface missile
aspect aircraft appearance with respect to a ground observer
assault gunship rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft, armed and equipped to carry combat troops into battle and operating from land or sea
ASW antisubmarine warfare
ATF advanced tactical fighter
ATGM antitank guided missile
ATOLL AA-2-2 air-to-air missile, CIS (former USSR)
attitude inclination of aircraft in relation to the ground (heading, pitch, and roll)
Avenger 30-millimeter cannon on A-10A Thunderbolt II. FAAD weapon system
AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System
BAe British Aerospace (aircraft manufacturer)
butterfly tail rounded tail fin and flats of a particular aircraft type (O-1 Bird Dog)
cabin housing on an aircraft for troops or cargo
CAI computer aided instruction
canards winglets, controllable or fixed, located forward of the center of gravity
canopy cover for cockpit
CAS close air support
CASA Construcciones Aeronauticas SA
CBU cluster bomb unit
CD compact disc
chord straight line joining the leading and trailing edges of an airfoil section
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States (formerly USSR)
clean aircraft in flight with landing gear, flaps, slats retracted, and or without external stores
cluttered aircraft with external stores (bombs, missiles, and fuel tanks)
cockpit housing for crew and aircraft instrumentation
COIN (co-in) counterinsurgency
detection (DOD) in tactical operations, the perception of an object of possible military interest, but unconfirmed by recognition. (NATO) the discovery by any means the presence of a person or object of potential military significance.
DHC DeHavilland Canada (aircraft manufacturer)
dihedral upward or positive slope of the wings or tail flats (anhedral is the downward or negative slope)
DOD Department of Defense
dogtooth horizontal step in the leading edge of the wing resulting from an increase in chord
dorsal spine fairing along the back of an aircraft, usually housing avionic equipment
drone pilotless aircraft (remotely controlled)
ECM electronic countermeasures
elevator a hinged, horizontal surface that controls the pitch of an aircraft
ELINT electronic intelligence
EMB Embraer (aircraft manufacturer)
Exocet French-built air-to-surface missile (antiship)
FAAD forward area air defense
fairing streamlined covering (also curvature in spine connected to the tail fin)
fence projection parallel to the wing chord that modifies the distribution of pressure
ferry range maximum range without payload
fin vertical stabilizer
flap movable surface that increases the lift or drag of an aircraft
flat horizontal stabilizer
FLIR forward looking infrared
fuselage body of an aircraft
GCS ground control station
glove located at the pivots on variable-geometry aircraft. It is impossible to have one-piece pivotal aircraft because at zero sweep, the inner ends would overlap (the solution to this problem is a fixed inner wing called a glove).
GOAR ground observation aircraft recognition (an obsolete 35-millimeter slide kit superseded by ART-V)
Grail CIS-built built SA-7, man-portable antiaircraft missile
gunship generally a helicopter that was designed for battlefield attack. Also some fixed-wing aircraft are designated gunships (AC-47, AC-119, and AC-130).
hardpoint reinforced stations to which external stores can be attached. Pylon is another term.
HARM US-built AGM 88A high-speed antiradiation missile used against air defenses.
Hellfire helicopter-launched fire and forget. The missile is also fired from some attack fixed-wing aircraft (A-10A Thunderbolt II).
HOT air-to-ground antitank missile, also called Euromissile Hot. Full name is "hautsubsonique optiquement teleguide tire d'un tube".
IAI Israel Aircraft Industries (aircraft manufacturer)
IAT International Aerospace Technology
identification (DOD/IADB) the process of determining the friendly or hostile character of an unknown detected contact. In ground combat operations, discrimination between recognizable objects as being friendly or enemy, or the name that belongs to the object as a member of a class. (NATO) In imagery interpretation, the discrimination between objects within a particular type or class.
IFF identification, friend or foe (generally electronic)
incidence angle at which a wing is set in relation to the fuselage axis
IR infrared
KMPH kilometers per hour
knot one nautical mile (1.152 land miles per hour)
loiter flight endurance
LEX leading edge extension
LERX leading edge root extension
Mach speed of sound. One Mach=1,116 feet per second at sea level
maritime actions performed by forces over, under, or on the seas
Maverick US-built AGM-65 air-to-surface missile
MBB Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm (aircraft manufacturer)
mission primary task
mm millimeter
MPCS mission planning and control station
MPH miles per hour
nacelle enclosed engine housing (also an enclosed passenger cabin like the C-119)
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NOE nap-of-the-earth (flying low, using natural cover)
NOGS night observation gunsight
NOS night observation surveillance
open lattice uncovered tail boom with visible framework
ordnance aircraft weapons load
Phoenix US-built AIM-54 air-to-air missile
PNVS pilot's night vision sensor
port left side looking forward
pylon structure that links aircraft to loads, drop-tank, bombs, and engines
PZL Panstwowe Zaklady Lotniczc (state aviation works) at the cities of Mielec and Swidnik in Poland
QSTAG Quadripartite Standardization Agreement
radius the distance an aircraft can fly and return including standoff and loiter
RAF Royal Air Force
RAM Ramenskoye Flight Test Center in the former USSR
range performance characteristic expressed as total distance
recognition (DOD/IADB) the determination by any means of the individuality of objects such as aircraft. In ground operations, the determination that an object is similar within a category of something, for example, aircraft (helicopter, fixed wing jet, cargo, etcetera). (NATO) the determination of the nature or a detected person, object, or phenomenon, and possibly its class or type. This may include the determination of a individual within a particular class or type.
RISTA reconnaissance, intelligence, surveillance, targeting and acquisition
RN Royal Navy
role function, such as a fighter-bomber
RPV remotely piloted vehicle
sawtooth a step in the leading edge of an aircraft wing
SEAD suppression of enemy air defenses
service ceiling operational height above sea level
Shadow AC-119 Flying Boxcar gunship
Shrike US-built AGM-5 air-to-surface antiradiation missile
Sidewinder US-built AIM-9 -series air-to-air missile
signature smoke, infrared, or radar fingerprints
SL sea level
SLAR side-looking airborne radar
Sparrow US-built AIM-7 air-to-air missile
Spectre AC-130 Hercules gunship
Spooky AC-47 Skytrain gunship
SRAM short-range attack missile
stabilizer part of the tail assembly (horizontal flats and vertical fin(s))
starboard right side looking forward
Stealth low-visibility aircraft with little or no radar signature
STOL short takeoff and landing
store payload
strake small stabilizer on aircraft surface (Kfir nose section)
strategic bomber aircraft designed primarily for long-range bombing or missile attack
strategic transport aircraft designed primarily for the transport of cargo or personnel over long distances
threat aircraft bearing the military markings and or having the configuration of an aircraft employed by a known hostile nation, or meeting the criteria as prescribed by policy
swept-back backwards inclination of the wing or tail plane, measured relative to the fuselage by the wing or tail plane center line
subsonic a speed less than the speed of sound
supersonic a speed in excess of the speed of sound
tactical air ops USAF term air operations involving the six combat functions of counter air, close air support, air interdiction, air reconnaissance, airlift, and special operations
TADS target acquisition and designation sight
tail plane horizontal stabilizer-tail flat
taper diminishing width from base to the tip
TEC training extension course
turbofan gas-turbine engine with a large diameter cowled fan
turbojet simple gas turbine with compressor, combustion chamber, turbine, and propulsive nozzle
turboshaft as turbine where energy is transferred from gas jet to drive a high-speed shaft and helicopter blade
UAV unmanned aerial vehicle
UK United Kingdom
USSR former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics restructured to Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
VACR visual aircraft recognition
variable geometry movable wings
ventral fin stabilizing surface attached to the undersurface of an aircraft, commonly called a belly fin
VSTOL vertical short takeoff and landing
WEFT wings, engine(s), fuselage, tail. Method used to learn aircraft's major parts for recognition training
Wild Weasel an aircraft specifically modified to identify, locate, and physically destroy or suppress enemy ground-based air defense systems

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