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The Super Guppy

Guppy at Los Al  (34194 bytes)

    What an awesome sight to see as the Super Guppy landed at Los Alamitos.  It amazed me to see something this big fly so gracefully.

The NASA owned B-377 also known as the 'Super Guppy' was developed to transport major components of the International Space Station to the launching site. The Supper Guppy is powered by 4 x 7000 ehp  P&WT 34 P-7WA turboprop engines. Three to four crewmembers operate the Super Guppy (SG).

Guppy loading equipment  (49473 bytes)

    Here, the SG is being loaded with cots, lawn chairs, barbecues, and oversized coolers for the Air Cavalry as they begin their Annual Training. Since the Cav is flying Cobras, there is no room for the essential equipment.   The nose of  the SG is hinged on the right side to permit the nose to swing up to 110 degrees.

Photo: Guppy cargo area

    Looking from the tail section forward, I felt like Jonah in the belly of the whale. The SG can hold up to 52,000 pounds and has a 39,000 cubic foot cargo compartment.

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