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M21 Armament Subsystem

Image: M21 Subsystem

The M21 armament subsystem consists of two M134 7.62mm high rate machine guns and two 7-tube or 19 tube 2.75 inch aircraft rocket launchers.

The machine gun portion of the subsystem consists of the copilot sighting station, weapons control panel, ammunition trays, crossover cartridge drive assemblies, ammunition chutes, and M134 machine guns. The rocket launcher portion of the subsystem consists of the M60 reflex sight, intervalometer control panel, rocket launcher rack and support assembly, and M158 rocket launcher.

Rate of Fire

  1. M21 Machine Gun
  2. When moving the mounts through the field of deflection, one mount must stop at the inboard limit. Upon reaching the inboard limit, the gun will cease to fire and the opposite gun will accelerate to 4,000 shots per minute.

  3. 2.75 Inch Rocket Launchers

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Updated: 12 January 2008
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