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M22 Guided Missile Armament Subsystem

Image: M22 subsystem

The M22 subsystem consists of six externally mounted wire guided missiles, missile support and launching equipment, guidance control equipment, and the gunner and pilot tracking and aiming sights.

The guidance and control equipment for the subsystem is mounted in the cockpit on specially designed supports. The assembly is designed so that all controls on the guidance and control equipment are within reach of the missile gunner. The basic guidance commands are generated by the gunner through the control stick. Inside the Guidance Control Unit, an electronic coder shapes the basic directional (pitch and yaw) signals from the control stick into the guidance signals that are transmitted to the missile through the two-wire command link. A joystick style control stick is used by the missile gunner in guiding the missile. The stick is mounted on the arm rest of the Guidance and Control assembly.

The AGM22B missile is propelled by solid-propellant rocket motors, a booster, and a sustainer. Four wings that are offset 0.8 degrees from the centerline of the missile body cause it to spin during its flight. Gas pressure from the sustainer motor arms the warhead within 3.2 seconds of combustion, or approximately 300 meters away from launch point. Command guidance signals from the control stick are transmitted to the missile through the Guidance Control Unit and the two guidance wires that unwind from bobbins inside the missile while it is in flight. These basic commands are converted to coded electronic guidance signals in the Guidance Control Unit, and decoded inside the missile, where they are routed to the appropriate missile control devices that actuate the jet deflectors in the exhaust of the sustainer motor, and guide the missile.

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Updated: 12 January 2008
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