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Image: Shark 170 or Shark 507? - UH-1 Huey gunship helicopter

Shark 170 or Shark 507?

Duc Pho, Vietnam, December 1970 —; Shark 170 was in PE (a periodic maintenance inspection) and Gary Harter was still painting the new panels for Shark 507. For cosmetic reasons, rather than do a mission without panels, Carty put 170's Ace-of-Spades panels on 507 until 170 was out of PE and the new 507 panels were complete. (Got that?) This is a south downwind to Duc Pho (on left) in December 1970. Shark 107 was shot down and lost during Lam Son 719 and reportedly transported to Hanoi by the NVA.

Photo property of Fred Thompson

Photo courtesy of 174th Assault Helicopter Company

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