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Image: Cowhage, cowage, cowitch

Cowhage, cowage, cowitch
Mucuna pruritum
Leguminosae (Fabaceae) Family
Drawing: Skull and Crossbone

Description: A vinelike plant that has oval leaflets in groups of three and hairy spikes with dull purplish flowers. The seeds are brown, hairy pods.

Contact with the pods and flowers causes irritation and blindness if in the eyes.

Habitat and Distribution: Tropical areas and the United States.

Image: Death camas, death lily

Death camas, death lily
Zigadenus species
Lily (Liliaceae) Family
Drawing: Skull and Crossbone

Description: This plant arises from a bulb and may be mistaken for an onion like plant. Its leaves are grass like. Its flowers are six-parted and the petals have a green, heart-shaped structure on them. The flowers grow on showy stalks above the leaves.

All parts of this plant are very poisonous. Death camas does not have the onion smell.

Habitat and Distribution: Death camas is found in wet, open, sunny habitats, although some species favor dry, rocky slopes. They are common in parts of the western United States. Some species are found in the eastern United States and in parts of the North American western subarctic and eastern Siberia.

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