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Image: Oleander

Nerium oleander
Dogbane (Apocynaceae) Family
Drawing: Skull and Crossbone

Description: This shrub or small tree grows to about 9 meters, with alternate, very straight, dark green leaves. Its flowers may be white, yellow, red, pink, or intermediate colors. Its fruit is a brown, pod like structure with many small seeds.

All parts of the plant are very poisonous. Do not use the wood for cooking; it gives off poisonous fumes that can poison food.

Habitat and Distribution: This native of the Mediterranean area is now grown as an ornamental in tropical and temperate regions.

Drawing: Pangi

Pangium edule
Pangi Family
Drawing: Skull and Crossbone

Description: This tree, with heart-shaped leaves in spirals, reaches a height of 18 meters. Its flowers grow in spikes and are green in color. Its large, brownish, pear-shaped fruits grow in clusters.

All parts are poisonous, especially the fruit.

Habitat and Distribution: Pangi trees grow in southeast Asia

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