Drawing: Cobra helicopter Drawing: Cobra helicopter

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Renghas tree, rengas tree, marking nut, black-varnish tree
Cashew (Anacardiacese) Family
Drawing: Skull and Crossbone

Description: This family comprises about 48 species of trees or shrubs with alternating leaves in terminal or axillary panicles. Flowers are similar to those of poison ivy and oak.

Can cause contact dermatitis similar to poison ivy and oak.

Habitat and Distribution: India, east to Southeast Asia.

Image: Rosary pea or crab's eyes

Rosary pea or crab's eyes
Abrus precatorius
Leguminosae (Fabaceae) Family
Drawing: Skull and Crossbone

Description: This plant is a vine with alternate compound leaves, light purple flowers, and beautiful seeds that are red and black.

This plant is one of the most dangerous plants. One seed may contain enough poison to kill an adult.

Habitat and Distribution: This is a common weed in parts of Africa, southern Florida, Hawaii, Guam, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

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