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Reference Books on Helicopter Aerodynamics and Training

Image: Bookcover of Commercial Pilot Test Prep 2008 Commercial Pilot Test Prep 2008 (Test Prep series)
Author: Federal Aviation Administration
Format: Paperback, 352pp
ISBN: 1560276622
Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics
Pub. Date: 01 September 2007
Ed. Desc: Test Prep Series
From the Publisher:
Applicants studying for the Commercial Pilot Knowledge Exam will find answers and explanations for every question in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exam database in this guide.  Subjects covered include basic aerodynamics, aircraft systems, flight instruments, aircraft performance, basic navigation, airspace and airport operations, and meteorology.
Image: Bookcover of FAA Rotorcraft Handbook Rotorcraft Flying Handbook (FAA Handbook)
Author: Federal Aviation Administration
Format: Paperback: 208pp.
ISBN: 1560274042
Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics
Pub. Date: September 2001
Ed. Desc: Revised
From the Publisher:
Written for applicants preparing for the private, commercial, or flight instructor certificate with a helicopter or gyroplane class rating, this guide covers both aeronautical knowledge and skill for operating rotorcraft vehicles. It is also a valuable tool for flight instructors as a teaching aid. This is the Basic Helicopter Handbook (Advisory Circular 61-13B) updated and renamed. This is FAA handbook FAA-H-8083-21.
Image: Bookcover of Principal of Helicopter Flight Principal of Helicopter Flight
Author: Walter J. Wagtendonk
Format: Paperback: 288pp.
ISBN: 1560272171
Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics
Pub. Date: Jan. 1996
Ed. Desc:
From the Publisher:
This comprehensive textbook shows pilots the underlying foundation of why the helicopter behaves the way it does. Discussing the complexities of helicopter flight in clear terms, this book explains the aerodynamic factors associated with rotor stalls, mast bumping, and wind effect.
Image: Bookcover of Learning to Fly Helicopters Learning to Fly Helicopters
Author: R. Randall Padfield
Format: Paperback: 368pp.
ISBN: 0071577246
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Pub. Date: Jan. 1992
Ed.; Desc:  
From the Publisher:
This information-packed guide covers virtually everything you need to know to become a safe and efficient helicopter pilot - it's an ideal supplement to ground school training.
Image: Bookcover of Principles of Helicopter Flight Principles of Helicopter Flight
Author: W. J. Wagtendonk
Format: Paperback: 320pp.
ISBN: 1560276495
Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics
Pub. Date: 01 September 2006
Ed.; Desc: Second
Book Description
Recently updated, this comprehensive handbook explains the aerodynamics of helicopter flight, as well as how to perform typical helicopter maneuvers, unlike many aviation training manuals which are strictly how-to guides. Beginning with the basics of aerodynamics, each step of the process is fully illustrated and thoroughly explained—from the physics of helicopter flying and advanced operations to helicopter design and performance
Bookcover: Art and Science of Flying Helicopters The Art and Science of Flying Helicopters
Author: Shawn C. Coyle
Format: Paperback, 218pp.
ISBN: 081382169X
Publisher: Iowa St. Univ.
Pub. Date: March 1996
Written from a pilot's perspective, this unique book provides a comprehensive overview of helicopter flying. It provides an unparalleled insight into all aspects of the modern helicopter, from turbine engines to Automatic Flight Control System, including descriptions of phenomena not explained elsewhere.
Image: Bookcover of Helicopter Theory Helicopter Theory
Author: Wayne Johnson
Format: Paperback, 1089pp.
ISBN: 0486682307
Publisher: Dover Publications, Inc.
Pub. Date: October 1994
From the Publisher:
Monumental engineering text offers comprehensive, detailed coverage of every aspect of theory and design: elements of vertical flight, forward flight, performance, mathematics of rotating systems, rotary wing dynamics and aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, stability and control, stall, noise and more. Essential reading for any student or aeronautical engineer interested in the design and development of vertical-flight aircraft. 189 illustrations.
Image: Bookcover of Aerodynamics of the Helicopter Aerodynamics of the Helicopter
Author: Alfred Gessow
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0804442754
Publisher: F. Ungar Book
Pub. Date: December 1967
From the Publisher:
This book shows how theory is developed from its basic elements and how it is applied to special design problems, this volume is especially valuable, too, for understanding the behavior and design of all types of VTOL aircraft as well as most STOL craft.
Bookcover: Rotary-Wing Aerodynamics Rotary-Wing Aerodynamics (Engineering Series)
Author: W. Z. Stepniewski
Format: Paperback, 236pp.
ISBN: 0486646475
Publisher: Dover Publications, Inc.
Pub. Date: May 1984
From the Publisher:
Clear, concise text covers aerodynamic phenomena of the rotor and offers guidelines for helicopter performance evaluation. Originally prepared for NASA. 537 figures.
Bookcover: Helicopter Flight Dynamics Helicopter Flight Dynamics: The Theory and Application of Flying Qualities and Simulation Modeling (Aiaa Education Series)
Author: Gareth D. Padfield
Format: Hardcover, 514pp.
ISBN: 1563472058
Publisher: American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics
Pub. Date: July 1996
Note: Used book available from Amazon.com [Updated 20 January 2009]
Bookcover: Helicopter Performance, Stability & Control Helicopter Performance, Stability, and Control
Author: Raymond W. Prouty
Format: Hardcover, 731pp.
ISBN: 0894649299
Publisher: Krieger Publishing Co.
Pub. Date: May 1995
Note: Used book available from Amazon.com [Updated 20 January 2009]
Bookcover: Military Helicopter Design Technology Military Helicopter Design Technology
Author: Raymond W. Prouty
Format: Hardcover, 148pp.
ISBN: 157524067X
Publisher: Krieger Publishing Co.
Pub. Date: December 1998
Product Description:
The military helicopter has come to prominence since the Second World War as the workhorse of the battlefield — casualty, evacuation, angel of mercy and more recently, as a direct fire weapon. The attack helicopter in particular is challenging the supremacy of the main battle tank.
Bookcover: Whirlybirds: A History of the U. S. Helicopter Pioneers Whirlybirds: A History of the U.S. Helicopter Pioneers
Author: Jay P. Spencer
Format: Hardcover, 512pp.
ISBN: 0295976993
Publisher: Univ. of Wash.
Pub. Date: October 1998
Product Description:
No one person or group invented the helicopter. Basically unstable, filled with unreliable parts, and assailed by countless forces and vibrations, the helicopter presented its inventors with problems that were more complex than those faced by the Wright brothers four decades earlier. In the United States, four men became the pioneers who, working independently along parallel lines during the 1940s, solved the problems of technology.
Note: Used book available from Amazon.com [Updated 20 January 2009]

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