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Image: Bookcover: Mil's Heavylift Helicopters: Mi-6, Mi-10, V-2 and Mi-26 Tracking gif Mil's Heavylift Heli Red Star #22 Tracking gif
Author: Yefim Gordon
Format: Paperback, 128pp
ISBN: 1857802063
Publisher: Specialty Press Publishers
Pub. Date: September 2005
Product Description:
In the early 1950s a need arose in the Soviet Union for a heavy transport and assault helicopter capable of airlifting cargo weighing up to 6 tons (13,230 lbs) - primarily artillery systems. THe chief Soviet "helicopter maker" - OKB-329 headed by Mikhail L. Mil - took on this important task. The prototype of the V-6 (eventually redesignated Mi-6), which first flew in June 1957, was a much larger machine.
Bookcover: US Army AH-1, Cobra Units in Vietnam Tracking gif US Army AH-1 Cobra Units in Vietnam (Combat Aircraft)Tracking gif
Author: Jonathan Burnstein
Format: Paperback, 96pp
ISBN: 1841766062
Publisher: Osprey Publishing, Limited
Pub. Date: September 2003
From the Publisher:
Bell’s AH-1 Cobra was the first dedicated helicopter gunship to reach frontline service anywhere in the world. Developed as a private venture by the manufacturer, and based on the mechanicals of the ubiquitous UH-1 Huey, the Cobra proved a huge success once issued to the US Army in the field in the autumn of 1967.
Bookcover: Black Hawk Tracking gif Black Hawk (Enthusiast Color Series)Tracking gif
Author: Steve F. Tomajczk
Format: Paperback, 96pp
ISBN: 0760315914
Publisher: MBI Publishing Company LLC
Pub. Date: August 2003
From the Publisher:
In 1978, Sikorsky introduced the UH60 helicopter as a transport, medevac, special ops, escort, and reconnaissance platform to replace the UH-1 “Huey” that had become a legend in Vietnam. Nearly a quarter century hence, the “Black Hawk” remains the world’s premiere military helicopter.
Bookcover: Bell UH-1 Huey 'Slick' Tracking gif New Vanguard 87: Bell UH-1 Huey 'Slicks' 1962-75 Tracking gif
Author: Chris Bishop
Format: Paperback, 48pp
ISBN: 1841766321
Publisher: Osprey Publishing, Limited
Pub. Date: 22 October 2003
From the Publisher:
The US Army requirement for a light utility helicopter was formulated after the Korean War. Bell’s Model 204 design won a competition in 1955, and was given the military designation H-40, later renamed the UH-1 Iroquois.
Bookcover: Tales of a Helicopter Pilot Tracking gif Tales of a Helicopter Pilot Tracking gif
Author: Richard C. Kirkland
Format: Hardcover, 192pp.
ISBN: 1560989521
Publisher: Smithsonian Institution Press
Pub. Date: January 2002
From the Publisher:
Richard Kirkland is legendary for his P-38 Lightning missions in the South Pacific theater during World War II. After the war, he realized the potential of Igor Sikorsky's new flying machine, and he traded in his fighter-pilot wings for rotors. The nerve-racking chopper missions he has flown are the stuff of legend.
Bookcover: Friendly Fire Tracking gif Friendly Fire Tracking gif
Author: Scott A. Snook
Format: Hardcover, 280pp.
ISBN: 0691005060
Publisher: Princeton Uni. Press
Pub. Date: April 2000
From the Publisher:
On April 14, 1994, two U.S. Air Force F-15 fighters accidentally shot down two U.S. Army Black Hawk Helicopters over Northern Iraq, killing all twenty-six peacekeepers onboard. In response to this disaster the complete array of military and civilian investigative and judicial procedures ran their course. After almost two years of investigation with virtually unlimited resources, no culprit emerged, no bad guy showed himself, no smoking gun was found.
Bookcover: Thunder in the Sky Tracking gif Choppers: Thunder in the Sky Tracking gif
Author: Robert Genat
Format: Hardcover, 120pp.
ISBN: 1567996159
Publisher: Friedman Fairfax
Pub. Date: May 1998
Bookcover: Mi-24 Hind in Action Tracking gif Lock On No. 16 - Mi-24W Hind E Gunship Tracking gif
Author: Francois Verlinden
Format: Paperback, 36pp.
ISBN: 193060713X
Publisher: Verlinden Productions, Inc.
Pub. Date: June 1, 1992
Bookcover: Paladin Zero Six Tracking gif Paladin Zero Six: A Desert Storm Memoir Tracking gif
Author: Rafael J. Garcia
Format: Paperback, 168pp.
ISBN: 0899509797
Publisher: McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers
Pub. Date: January 1994
This patriotic memoir chronicles the experiences of Captain Rafael J. Garcia, Jr., who piloted an Apache helicopter on reconnaissance flights into Iraq, leading combat missions under the call sign "Paladin Zero Six." His battalion fired the first shots of the war, and he recounts his experiences in order to share with other military personnel what he learned about leadership during his ten-year military career
Bookcover: No image available Tracking gif Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association Tracking gif
Author: Turner Publishing Company Staff
Format: Hardcover 208pp.
ISBN: 1563111438
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Pub. Date: June 1995
Bookcover: Air Commando Tracking gif Air Commando: Inside The Air Force Special Operations Command Tracking gif
Author: Philip D. Chinnery
Format: Paperback 367pp.
ISBN: 0312958811
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Pub. Date: January 15, 1997
From the Publisher:
They fly whatever the brass gives them. They land wherever the brass wants them. They have no fear. Slow and low into the teeth of enemy fire, quick and quiet into enemy-held territory, whatever it takes to get the job done, the USAF Air Commandos are the bravest flying men in the world. From the glider pilots who landed deep behind Japanese lines, to the gunship crews who hunted over the dark jungle of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, to Desert Storm's Special Operations choppers...all the daring rescues and last-minute landings are here, straight from the Air Commandos' own stories.
Bookcover: H-34 Choctaw in action Tracking gif H-34 Choctaw in action - Aircraft No. 146 Tracking gif
Author: Lennart Lundh
Format: Paperback 50pp.
ISBN: 0897473191
Publisher: Squadron Signal Publications
Pub. Date: October 1994
Bookcover: Sikorsky H-34: An Illustrated History Tracking gif Sikorsky H-34: An Illustrated History: (Schiffer Military/Aviation History) Tracking gif
Author: Lennart Lundh
Format: Paperback, 160pp.
ISBN: 0764305220
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
Pub. Date: April 1998
From the Publisher:
Originally designed in 1952 as an anti-submarine warfare platform for the U.S. Navy, almost two-thousand Sikorsky H-34s have served on every continent with the armed forces of twenty-five countries - from combat in Algeria, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and throughout southeast Asia, to saving flood victims, recovering astronauts, fighting fires, and carrying presidents, military H-34s have met every challenge handed them.
Bookcover: Seawolves: First Choice Tracking gif Seawolves: First Choice Tracking gif
Author: Daniel E. Kelly
Format: Paperback, 320pp.
ISBN: 0804117675
Publisher: Ballantine Books; 1st edition
Pub. Date: 27 May 1998
From the Publisher:
Created in 1967, the HAL-3 helicopter squadron—aka Seawolves—provided quick-reaction close air support to SEALs, PBR River Rats, and Special Forces advisers and their troops. During the five years of the unit's existence, the seven detachments of Seawolves amassed stunning statistics: 78,000 missions, 8,200 enemy kills, 8,700 sampans sunk, and 9,500 structures destroyed. These 200 men collected a total of 17,339 medals.
Bookcover: Marines and Helicopters Tracking gif Marines & Helicopters, 1962-1973 Tracking gif
Author: William R. Fails
Format: Paperback, 253pp.
ISBN: 0788118188
Publisher: Diane Publishing Company
Pub. Date: July 1995
From the Publisher:
Traces the development of helicopters in the Marine Corps from 1962 to 1973. Portrays accurately the difficulties faced & the obstacles conquered by the men who developed helicopters in the Marine Corps. Over 100 figures, maps, photos, & tables.
Bookcover: Bonnie-Sue: A Marine Corps Helicopter Squadron in Vietnam tracking gif BONNIE-SUE: A Marine Corps Helicopter Squadron in Vietnam Tracking gif
Author: Marion F. Sturkey
Format: Paperback, 509pp.
ISBN: 0965081427
Publisher: Heritage Press International
Pub. Date: 15 June 1997
From the Publisher:
Marine Corps helicopter crews found little glory waiting for them in faraway Vietnam. Instead, they became locked in a savage struggle with tenacious Sino-Soviet pawns. The author, a former Marine helicopter pilot, combines fascinating detail with grim realism. He uses After-Action-Reports, Unit Diaries, and hundreds of records from Marine Corps Archives to build the outline for this riveting chronology.
Bookcover: H-60 Blackhawk in Action Tracking gif H-60 Blackhawk in action - Aircraft No. 133 Tracking gif
Author: Paul Pickett
Format: Paperback 50pp.
ISBN: 0897472950
Publisher: Squadron Signal Publications
Pub. Date: March 1993
Bookcover: No Place to Hide Tracking gif No Place to Hide a Novel of the Vietnam War Tracking gif
Author: Gerry Carroll
Format: Paperback, 448pp.
ISBN: 0671865110
Publisher: Pocket Books
Pub. Date: 01 January 1997
From the Publisher:
Carroll's Vietnam War trilogy comes to a dramatic and moving finale in No Place to Hide. In April 1975, a skeleton crew of American officers must evacuate remaining personnel from South Vietnam. Set against the background of Saigon's desperate last days, this extraordinary novel is a remarkable story of heroism, friendship, and sacrifice in the face of war.
Bookcover: Black Hawk Down Tracking gif Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War Tracking gif
Author: Mark Bowden
Format: Hardcover, 386pp.
ISBN: 0871137380
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
Pub. Date: February 1999
Your account of the events in Mogadishu on October 3, 1993 is an inspirational and evocative retelling of one of the most significant military operations of the past 10 years. Though there is heroism and professionalism aplenty, you also bring out the errors and missed opportunities that contributed to the unfortunate outcome of the mission. Both senior leaders and young soldiers can learn much from this compelling story....Black Hawk Down will occupy an honored place in my personal library.
—Henry H. Shelton, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff—

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