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Drawing: Chapter 10


Helicopter Aircraft

This chapter covers helicopter (rotary-wing) aircraft. There are a large number of helicopters covered since nearly all countries have them in their inventory.

Helicopters have been grouped together in this chapter because, with the exception of a few attack helicopters, most can be used in a variety of roles: attack, observation, heavy lift, cargo, transport, and surveillance.

There are many helicopter configurations. Only a few helicopters are similar in appearance and the differences make recognition of them easier for an observer.

For each aircraft, there are line drawings, general data, WEFT descriptions, user countries, photographs, and aircraft manufacturer information. The following illustration shows helicopter aircraft WEFT description features. Line drawings are not to scale.

Drawing: WEFT Description Features

Chapter 10 Aircraft List

AH-1F Cobra Gazelle Mi-28 Havoc
AH-1W Super Cobra Hirundo A109 OH-6A Cayuse
AH-64 Apache Ka-50 Hokum OH-13 Sioux
Alouette II Lynx OH-58D Kiowa
Alouette III Mangusta A129 Puma
BO 105 Mi-1 Hare Scout, Wasp
CH-3/HH-3E Jolly Green Giant Mi-2 Hoplite SH-3 Sea King
CH-46 Sea Knight Mi-4 Hound Super Frelon
CH-47 Chinook Mi-6 Hook UH-1 Iroquois
CH-53 Sea Stallion Mi-8 Hip UH-1N Model 212
Dauphin 2 Mi-24 Hind UH-60A Black Hawk
Defender 500 Mi-26 Halo  

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