Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra

Drawing Chapter 11


Early Warning, Observation, and Reconnaissance Aircraft

This chapter features early warning, observation, and reconnaissance aircraft that are built and used for special purposes. There are aircraft shown in other chapters that can and are used in these roles, but not as the aircraft’s primary mission.

Some aircraft covered in this chapter are high-flying and will not be seen within range of FAAD guns and missiles. Other types shown will be within range and operating low enough to be recognized for an engagement decision.

For each aircraft, there are line drawings, general data, WEFT descriptions, user countries, photographs, and aircraft manufacturer information. The following illustration shows early warning, observation, and reconnaissance aircraft WEFT description features. Line drawings are not to scale.

Drawing: WEFT Description

Chapter 11 Aircraft List

A-50 Mainstay EF-111A Raven P-3C Orion
E-2C Hawkeye Il-20 Coot-A S-2 Tracker
E-3A Sentry Nimrod AEW3 S-3A Viking
EA-6B Prowler OV-1 Mohawk  

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