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Instruction Program

This chapter describes training methods and the fundamentals of VACR. In addition, the chapter features training aids and slide kit training which are used to develop and implement aircraft recognition training.

All soldiers are required to recognize a selected number of threat and friendly aircraft for survival and intelligence gathering. When the mission is to defend the airspace above the battlefield to protect friendly assets, the ability to recognize and identify aircraft becomes even more important. These skills make it possible to discriminate between friendly and hostile aircraft by name and or number and type which will help avoid destruction of friendly aircraft, and at the same time, recognize, identify, and engage hostile aircraft.


Aircraft recognition and identification proficiency skills are gained through training. The training functions of plan, prepare, present, practice, and perform are the same in VACR training as for other classroom subjects. The skill level to which the unit will train depends on the unit’s mission. A VACR training program should be based on established training methods, clearly defined individual skill levels that must be met, and the fundamentals of VACR.

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