Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra


Methodology in teaching and learning VACR skills has evolved over many years. VACR skills have become increasingly important, and several methods have been developed and used. Some US allies have developed VACR training that has had varying degrees of success, but that is different from the method used by the US military.

Manner and style of presentation are nearly as varied as there are individuals. These differences are not critical in VACR training. Most important is to understand and follow the training method currently in use and the sequence of instruction.


In the US military, the WEFT theory is the teaching method used to achieve an acceptable level of performance in VACR skills. Emphasize the aircraft’s recognition and identification features that can be seen at a distance. Point out the characteristics of an aircraft that are similar to another aircraft, and also those features that make an aircraft unique. With the WEFT method, each aircraft is taught in its clean, uncluttered configuration. Aircraft speed, ceiling, and armament are not taught because they are not recognition or identification features.


Paired comparison is the most effective way to present aircraft for recognition training. It is the key to sorting out aircraft and establishing a file of aircraft images for memorization. Here are a few pointers when conducting comparison training:
• Introduce a new aircraft and point out the WEFT features for study.
• Compare the new aircraft with an aircraft that was previously presented. When making comparisons, point out similarities and differences for each view presented. Use the same heading and climb angle for both aircraft. As the images are presented, it becomes obvious that the two aircraft have different forms and features, even when there are some similarities.

Drawing: Paired Comparison

• Remember to always use comparison training. Single images of aircraft are used to introduce new aircraft, for reviews, and for testing. The Paired Comparison illustration shows an example.


Select aircraft for training from the unit’s established list and from the soldier’s manuals. The aircraft listed in the following illustration are the current minimum aircraft AD soldiers must recognize.


AH-1 Cobra CH-53 Sea Stallion Tornado
OH-58 Kiowa F-4 Phantom II C-160 Transall
Puma MiG-21 Fishbed J/K F/A-18 Hornet
Mi-24 Hind D/E/F AH-64 Apache C-130 Hercules
Mirage III/5 F-5 Freedom Fighter Mangusta A129
AV-8B Harrier II CH-3 Jolly Green Giant MiG-27 Flogger D/J
A-10A Thunderbolt II Alpha Jet BO 105
Alouette III F-15 Eagle Su-27 Flanker

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