Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra

Continue to load the secondary tray with the sets of slides selected for comparison.

Drawing: Secondary Sequence and Tray

Review and or testing tray

Select and load a third tray with slides for review and or testing.


Before beginning a class in VACR, adjust the distance between the projector and screen to get the correct image size as follows:
• Initially, locate the projector about 12 to 14 feet from the screen.
• Have the assistant instructor take a seat farthest from the screen.
• Project the image of an aircraft and increase or decrease the projector distance until the aircraft is barely identifiable by the assistant instructor. The image seen from the front row is about the same as that seen from the back row. This procedure is best suited for a class size of from 1 to about 30 students.


During the introduction to visual aircraft recognition, present the soldier with the description of the components of aircraft that are important to recognition and a simple vocabulary for use in describing aircraft. As a minimum, the introduction will include–
• A statement of the training objectives and standards as defined in your soldier’s manuals and programs of instruction.
• An explanation of the WEFT theory of visual aircraft recognition.
• A simplification of terms used in VACR (for example, tail flats and fins instead of horizontal and vertical stabilizers).
• A discussion of aircraft configurations using WEFT.


This is where the instructor presents all the aircraft selected for training. Introduce aircraft number one from the teaching tray. The first slide is the three-view familiarization slide (see the illustration). Point out the recognition

Drawing: Three-View Slide

features that can be seen in each of the three views. There is no slide exposure limit at this time.

When teaching aircraft, state and restate the aircraft’s name and or number when referring to the aircraft as a whole or any feature of the aircraft. The following illustration shows an example of this teaching technique.

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