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Performance Evaluations

Validate VACR training through evaluation. Schedule testing throughout the VACR course. End each period of instruction with a test, and include all previously learned aircraft in the test. Testing controls the individual soldier’s progress. If a test confirms that a soldier cannot recognize aircraft to standard, that soldier should not continue in the course until the standards are met.

Skill degradation in visual aircraft recognition is very high, so schedule formal reviews and tests often, and in short training sessions. Once a soldier has become VACR proficient, anything more than two hours for review and testing will begin to bore the soldier. The time needed for review and testing will vary. For planning purposes, begin with 45 minutes to 1 hour per week to review and test 10 to 15 aircraft. In this way, all the mandatory aircraft will be covered in 4 or 5 weeks. Add more time if needed.

Leader Guidance

VACR training requires command guidance. Commanders should demand maximum performance in VACR and provide the training opportunities to reach and sustain excellence. Commanders should provide incentive through unannounced VACR skill evaluations and reward soldiers who maintain high levels of performance. When the mandatory number of aircraft has been presented, reviewed, and tested, begin the process again.

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