Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra


“ Wings of the F-111 are high-mounted, variable swept-back, and tapered with blunt tips (the F-111’s wingspan changes in flight).

The F-111’s two jet engines are mounted inside the rear section of the fuselage. Air intakes are one quarter pie-shaped under the wings, giving the F-111 a rounded appearance. The F-111 has twin exhausts.

A long, sharp-pointed nose is the highlight of the F-111’s fuselage. The F-111’s body widens at the air intakes and continues through the rear section. The F-111 has a flush canopy.

The F-111 has a large swept-back tail fin that covers one third of the body. The fin has a square tip and splits the dual exhaust. The F-111 has high-mounted, swept-back flats with square tips.”

If this is the first aircraft taught, or if there has been a prolonged time lapse since the last aircraft recognition class, show the aircraft views selected. Then compare the aircraft after teaching the second aircraft.

For demonstration purposes, the F-111 is the second aircraft presented. The first aircraft was the Su-24 Fencer, so compare the F-111 with the Su-24 Fencer. After presenting the information from the familiarization slide, compare aircraft, as shown in the following illustration. Remember to compare using the exact same heading and climb angles. Now introduce the next aircraft. Once again begin with the three-view familiarization slide, followed by comparison as with the last aircraft.


After planning, preparing, and presenting all the aircraft to be taught, proceed with the two final training functions of practice and perform which are accomplished through reviews and evaluations.

Comprehensive Reviews

After soldiers have reached the desired level of VACR proficiency, the training program should not be relaxed based on the results of a single test. To continue peak performance, review the required list of aircraft regularly to refresh memories. Perform reviews as a member of a squad, section, or platoon, or do it through self-study. Give reviews at the beginning of each training session and before a test.

Drawing: Aircraft Comparison

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